1928 StePHENS


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The SKAL grace

She is as classy as she is deliberate and she is sold.
A smooth proud prow STEPHENS CLASSIC  CRUISER.  
Painted topsides with elegant teak cabin sides carefully maintained.  

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SKAL basics


Year: 1928
Type: Motor Yacht: Pilot House Cruiser
          Classic Stephens Cruiser 34

Hull Type: Wood
Builder: Stephens Brothers Inc, Stockton, CA
Designer: Stephens

LOA: 34'
LOD: 34'
LWL: 24'
Beam: 9'3"
Draft: 3'



SKAL is a fine example of how well we did certain things in the 20's. She is like stepping into a different time where life was to be lived grandly and to motor along with a fine view of the world, to take in the shallows of the delta, to fish and to swim and to travel in style.  Her interior with its fine cabin details and exquisite galley reminds us that small intimate living is to be relished. A gypsy wood burning stove warms the cold and weary up in a minute and is a blessing to cook over as well.  Built 1 of 6 of that year: only a handful left, she served as an example for the Stephens of what a fine motor yacht could be before living out her days in The San Francisco Bay and on the Napa River. In the 70's she was glassed over below and then extensively fiberglassed by the Napa Valley Marina in 2008-2011 as part of a complete re-build with bronze re-fastenings and new beams and structure in her stern. This included new head, holding tank, new electrical, batteries, new diesel tank for a brand new re-power with a Yanmar Turbo diesel [barely 50 running hours on it!] Then in 2015, she had a new fiberglassed roof with some cedar er-planking of her forward cabin. She has been lovingly cared for and lived in for the past seven years and passed on to a new grateful owner. She is a gem for all that encounter her.

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SKAL and the  JOAN

SKAL and the JOAN

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SKAL and the  JOAN

SKAL and the JOAN

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Let's talk about features.


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Attention to detail

Carefully maintained.

"SKAL has a good layout and classic finishes."
- 2015 Surveyor

Price: sold


Hull + Superstructure

Deck: Teak overlaid on Teak
Cabin Sole: Douglas Fir planking
Bulkheads: Teak veneer plywood
Construction Scantling: Traditional carvel planking, 3/4 "Port Oxford cedar over steam-bent frames; original frames 1¾" x ½"  
Deck Clamps: Fir
Deck Beams: White oak
Rudder: Bronze skeg mounted plate.

Rails: Teak.

"The decks and superstructure are in overall good condition."

Propulsion System

Engine: YANMAR Diesel 4-cycle: turbo-charged. 
Year: 2010
Details: 4 cylinders, rated 109HP @ 3200 RPM
Model: 4 JH4-HTE

Fuel Tank: 40 gallons under cockpit sole.

Raw Water Strainers: Groco ARG-1000 bronze strainer-engine inlet.

Propeller: 3 blade fixed bronze

18" RH 16"
Marine Gear: silencer:Vetus NLP75 waterlift muffler

"The engine is fairly recent and installed in 2010 to good standards. Engine is clean, engine access is excellent."

Mechanical Systems

Wheel: Traditional teak wheel.
Steering Gear: Steel cables to quadrant.
Rudder: Bronze Plate.
Anchor: Northhill 12-R folding anchor w/ 1/2" 3 strand nylon.

Additional anchor: West Marine 13#Fluke type w/ 1/4 " chain x 25' and 1/2" 3 strand Nylon rode. 
Electric: RULE submersible type with float switch + auto/off/manual at electrical panel
Stove:  MARINE FORCE 10 gimbaled 3 burner/oven 

New Propane System: 2010 8 gallon

New Holding Tank: 2010-14 gallons with sanitation hose

Refrigeration: 2 GE under pilot house.

"Systems are simple and well installed."


DC System

Batteries/Amps: (2) GEL-TEC/12v group 27 gel cell, sealed. 
Engine Alternator/Amps: HITACHI / 80 A
Charger/Amps: XANTREX True Charge / 10 A

Vapor proof switch: Blue Sea.

All new LED exterior in old features-nice.

AC System:

Shore Power: MARINCO 30 A inlet & cable
Panel/Location: BLUE SEA / Adjacent to DC panel
Wiring: Stranded copper – well loomed


"The whole installation has been overhauled to good standards."
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See her in person

Somewhere in the Bay.


Currently moored near the Carquinez.

Everyone's dream floating piece of paradise is the fair SKAL.

Skaal Belief

There is a careful balance that lies in all things of this world. The animals, the trees, even the rocks and the winds. It is a harmony that the Skaal draw power from, by the grace of the All-Maker, He who gave us these gifts. When this balance is upset, our power is lessened.

A cousin of SKAL cruising along in ITALY

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